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A term used to indicate that you will be "right here waiting" for someone. It references Richard Marx's hit ballad "Right Here Waiting", released in 1989.
Sally: I just have to run into the mall to buy a birthday present for my sister.
Blake: Take your time. I'll be Richard Marxing in the car.
Sally: Oh Blake, you're such a patient boyfriend. I'm so lucky to have you in my life.
by Golden Vanilla December 19, 2011
The personal space (including your seat) that you stake claim to as a result of purchasing a ticket. Your personal space when flying on an airplane, riding on a bus/train or attending a movie/concert/sporting event, etc.
Steve wanted to bitch slap Dan for hogging the armrest and invading his chairitory on their flight to Vegas.
by Golden Vanilla October 10, 2011
The appearance and demeanor a person possesses that makes them instantly recognizable by the people on the bus (or other forms of public transportation) desperate to have a conversation. A person with bus face usually appears pleasant, friendly, thoughtful and patient, and most importantly, ready to listen to all the way too personal and/or awkward stories that other people who ride the bus have no one else to tell.
Suzie wanted to sit quietly on the bus ride to school, but the old man sitting next to her saw her bus face and forced her into a 20 minute long conversation about constipation.
by Golden Vanilla October 16, 2011

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