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a juvenile rhino that is incredibly stupid. It has a distictive call and dress sense. it tends to wear burton clothing.
The dumbest rhino call is: MOOOOOOOOO!
by Golden Jewberwilly May 09, 2003
One hell of a damn sweet kick ass sport
hey george you goober lets go urban bodyboarding with danha
by Golden Jewberwilly May 08, 2003
hmm i don't know one may inquire as to what these words do actually mean but it wont get them any where as they don't exist
Read the above you moron it doesn't exist "Golden jewberwilly"
by Golden Jewberwilly May 08, 2003
an exclamation of immense happiness or one may scream it at a time of great stupidity
Badenwurdenburgen Wurt wurt
by Golden Jewberwilly May 08, 2003

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