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(v); The act of getting back together with someone that you were once together with in the past. To re-ignite a relationship with someone on more than a friendship level.

Forms; rekindle. rekindling.
Abbreviation; RK.
At O.A.R. concert;
"Yo GEAGZ where is Dachamp?"
"Kid is attempting to rekindle with you know who."
"Damn he always pulls this shit at concerts."
by Golden Eaglez July 27, 2009
A wiffle ball team from Greenwich, CT. The team consists of four bros who have brought the team to a whole new level by defining it as not only a sports team, but a new lifestyle. The team is widely known by its nicknames; geagz and geaglez. The Eaglez popularity has spread as far as Massachusetts where a farm team, the Silver Eaglez, was formed at Berkshire School. The team's website is goldeneaglez.bravehost.com
"The Golden Eaglez won the 2008 Greenwich Wiffle Ball League campaign by a wide margin."
by Golden Eaglez July 23, 2009
Partially derived from the french verb "manger" (meaning 'to eat'), this phrase is defined as any type of eatable food.
"We went on a two hour hunt for mange material and ended up at a Subway that we could just have driven five minutes to get to."

"I'm starving, I need some mange material asap!"

"McDonald's and Taco Bell are two fast-food chains that the GEAGZ often hit up for some mange material."
by Golden Eaglez July 19, 2009

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