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The season in which ugly girls still appear ugly, but hot girls appear 10 times hotter.
Emil: Damn, I never knew Josie was so hot!
Da'shaun: It's because it's Spring!
by GoldGlover375 May 10, 2009
A Louisiana Right Turn, commonly practiced on a four lane road, two lanes going each way, is when someone is in the left lane and they turn right at an intersection, cutting others off in the process.
Louis: Dude, that guy just flipped me off!
David: Well what did you expect, you just pulled a Louisiana Right Turn.
by GoldGlover375 March 26, 2008
What people in New Jersey call the beach.
Gary: Hey where are you going for the Memorial Day weekend?
Steve: Asbury Park, I've got a house down the shore.
by goldglover375 November 18, 2011
The area in central/northern NJ that is served by the 908 area code. As real as it gets.
Can't wait to go back to the 908.
by goldglover375 November 25, 2011
In recent years, it has become a phenomenon to congratulate or acknowledge one's presence by saying Yes and then their last name. Usually done by those who partake in the same sport. However, let it be known that if someone does something particularly daring or out of the ordinary, one may say Yes (last name) to them to let them know that they appreciate what they have done/are wearing. *Note: Never switch yes with yea or any other variant of the word "yes."
Examples of Yes (last name):
1. (Johnny Smith walks into class)
Fred: Yes Smith!

2. (Johnny Smith scores a goal in soccer)
Fred: Yes Smith!

3. (Johnny Smith wears Kanye glasses and a pink shirt to school)
Fred: Yes Smith!
by GoldGlover375 October 06, 2008

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