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Something Japanese media broadcast, sounds like "news" but actually a commercial using old technique of looking-like-news.
Confusing Japanese for fictional info, originally melt down with English "news".
Geysha1: "NHK nyusu says chicken flu will never infect human."
GayGuy2: "You are influenced by dangerous ideas."

Fisher1: "It's said all Fukushima Daiichi plants are now completely under control."
Mr. Fujionyamer: "You are watching too much Japanese TV."
by GoldAndButman August 19, 2011
Japanese gay person.

Do not mix up with Japanse "gaisha" which means "foreign cars" (made in countries other than Japan).
Tourist: "Isn't that geisha girl so tall?"
Kyoto lady: "Actually, she must be just a tourist, there are many instant kimono costume play services. And Geisha is used only for elder female professionals, meaning "an elder professional ('sha') entitled with degrees of many traditional skills ('gei's) like dancing, singing senryu-composing and so on. Young apprentice girls are called 'Maiko'"
Guide: "By the way, the word 'talento' means a seleb in Japanese, mostly for a person without any professional skill or special titles."
Kyoto lady: "So I guess that tall dude must be a 'gaysha'."
by GoldAndButman August 19, 2011
Japanese female or gay male nippopotamus, usually helluvalot of plastic tsunami or fujiyama-mori bras.
GI-Jones: "Gosh, look at that nip-on-jin! Ain't gigantonic?"
GI-Jodan: "That nippopotamus? Sure they are plastics or gaysha-dude."
by GoldAndButman August 19, 2011
Nippon is the name Japanese call their country: often used as a war cry exactly the same like "USA" calls in sports games.
It should be noteworthy that usually peace-loving Japanese would prefer to call their country "Nihon", because during WW2 they were forced to call their homeland "Dai-Nippon-Teikoku" that means Great Imperial Japan.
"Nippon, cha-cha-cha!" is preferred to cheer girls teams in volleyball games.
by GoldAndButman August 19, 2011
Japanese who is ignorant of the word "nip-on" or does not care too much for things outside homeland security.
99.9999999% of Japanese people is decent enough to call themselves "Nihonjin"
Gaysha Guy: ”I've got horny watching last night game of All Nippon Volleyball! They were huge-on!"
Geisha Girl: "Darn, I need such big tits..."

Wendy: "I wish I had a crest in front like that Nipponjin."
Captain Hooker: "You could perchase plastic tsunami surge or get Fuji-on-top yamamori-bras at Kabukicho at extremely reasonable prices."
by GoldAndButman August 19, 2011

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