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1. A merger of two words. Fuck and Oracle

2. The expression of a person's feelings towards the particular software Oracle.

3. Can be used in songs!
"Man I hate Foracle!"

"Oh Foracle Oh Foracle, you are such a Whoreacle!"
by Gold December 01, 2003
Coming out of the pony pin is an act when someone is confessing they're a brony.
My boyfriend was coming out of the pony pin and I haven't looked at him since.
by GOLD May 13, 2015
Until one of you losers can describe the differences between Black Metal, Death Metal, Industial, and Nu Metal, I'm just going to call them metal. Why you're so concerned with the categorization of Slipknot's music is beyond me.
Things Slipknot is not: Rock, Country, Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Techno, Pop... what's left if not metal?
by gold July 07, 2004

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