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2 definitions by Goingmunting

"the tracer shit" A tracer is eaten and poo is monitored until the tracer is passed
I'm feeling a bit backed up and wonder how fast im passing the food I eat so I eat a fuck load of sweet corn and wait for the tracer shit to splash in to the bowl
by Goingmunting September 23, 2011
Rim'n'bum to lick a girls ass (or guy) then fuck it a sex act you would only do with a perticulaly attractive girl (or guy)
Dude that girl is sooo fine I would let her fart in my mouth I would definatly R'n'B that.
There isn't enough alcohol on the planet for me to R'n'B that crack whore.
Bloody spunk farts would be a result of too much R'n'B

rimm bum
by Goingmunting May 01, 2012