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Acronym standing for "Laugh aloud". Used by people who just want to be different.
A"You suck!"
by Gohn Gardenza May 25, 2007
Means, "Do not repeat" or "okay, shut up". It is a rude word or used out of frustration. Also sounds like okay sergeant. Although the g is pronounced as it is in "regime".
A"HURRY UP, GET ON THE BUS YOU LARRIKINS, hurry up, hurry up!!!"

B "Oksajin."
by Gohn Gardenza May 25, 2007
A dream very unlikely to be fulfilled, or any wild or fantastic notion, synonymous with the term 'pipe dream'.
Her plans for a career in music are nothing but a hoop dream.
by Gohn Gardenza December 24, 2010
The adjective of query. Used in a smart way.
"Well it seems the situation is quite querical then, doesn't it.
by Gohn Gardenza May 25, 2007
Slang which is the adjective of query, used to make you sound smart.
"Quite querical indeed."
by Gohn Gardenza May 15, 2007
That plastic shit that you put over your face when you wanna hot plate or shower curtain, you can also use it to cover food and put it in the fridge, but wtfdt?
Glad wrap is the shiz I wanna cover some cheez wid it.
by Gohn Gardenza January 25, 2008
A small white car that can fit up to 10 passengers.
The name 'Cumbuggy' refers to the semen colour of the car and containment of its 'messengers' the sperm.
A: Yesterday I was riding in my cumbuggy .
B: What, you and your whole family.
by Gohn Gardenza January 26, 2008

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