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A performance enhancing drug that causes large amounts of muscle growth very quickly, when used right.

A common myth is that people's balls will shrink when they use them, but the truth is that those people already had small testicles to begin with, thus their reason for taking steroids.
Guy 1: "Steroids made my balks shrink"

Guy 2: "What balls?"
by Godo Fall January 11, 2010
A group once dedicated to being unique and itself, but has since lost its meaning due to heavy sterotyping. Goths are now only considered to be a bunch of loosers who shop at Hot Topic for Nightmare Before Christmas and Invader Zim products.

Goths tend to be hypocritical and say that they aren't goth , and they're only expressing their individuality, but they look like every other goth in the world

They also have a tendency to listen to metal and Marilyn Manson music, and watch (and subsequently idolize) Tim Burton movies, even if they actually hate it.
I'm a real goth because I wear what I like, listen to what I lile , and I don't conform to stupod sterotypes to fit in. And I don't like Hot Topic or Marilyn Manson, so up yours.
by Godo Fall July 24, 2009
The act of googling "google"

from the number, googolplex, which is 10 to the power of googol
I like to googleplex every once in a while, just for fun
by Godo Fall November 06, 2009
A financial problem caused by a misunderstanding of your contract or agreement. It can cost you a lot of money if you aren't careful.

Narrowly avoiding the financial burdens involved would be called "dodging a golden bullet"
Person 1: "I found out that I wasn't actually covered by unlimited texting on my cell phone, even though I paid for it. Turns out I misunderstood the terms, and I almost had to pay for a couple thousand dollars worth of texting. Luckily I was able to talk my way out of it, and only paid a few hundred."

Person 2: "Wow, you really dodged a golden bullet"
by Godo Fall January 18, 2010
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