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(acronym) Means Thanks For Sharing. This is used when someone doesn't want to hear what you're saying.

It can mean, "Please don't tell me more, I don't really want to know this".

Often used by cynical or sarcastic people.

Along the lines of tmi
Jacob: God, I have to go pee so bad!
Ben: TFS.
by Goddess M May 25, 2008
An acronym come up with by me meaing "Got to Pee". Similar to "g2g" or "got to go", letting people know you're leaving any why.

Often misunderstood as an error for "g2g" or meaning "got to poop", so sometimes it is necessary to clarify what it means.

Often followed by tfs
Camron: brb, g2p!
Ryan: tfs
by Goddess M May 25, 2008
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