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(adj.) Awesome, kick-ass, superrrrr, unbelievably attractive.
(noun) An awesome, kick-ass, superrrr, unbelievably attractive person.
(verb) To be, or act of being, awesome, kick-ass, superrrr, and unbelievably attractive.
(adverb) "Nishaly" ; see adjective + ly
"Without Nisha, it's just aweso."
by God Almighty Supreme December 02, 2007
1.bipolar, very confused person, has no clue what he/she is doing
5.Ananth a.k.a suppperrrr ananth, mehhhhhh
dude, that kid is such an anand. he has no fucking idea what he's doing man. what a douchebag.
by God Almighty Supreme December 02, 2007

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