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A book similar to a dicktionary, but has pics of millions of hot chicks from around the world.
Jessica Alba and J-Lo are in the first page of the chicktionary
by Gobama! December 31, 2008
The ass of a girl that is so big, so round, so soft, you can't resist to stick your dick in it.
dayum, look at that awesome butt

i know, my dick just went power ranger on me
by Gobama! December 30, 2008
when a woman (usually some hot chick) doesn't wear a bra so some random dude can come up, reach up her shirt (or just take it off), and feel on her boob(s).

"see that chick right there?"


"well, she's braless. let's go take off her shirt"
by Gobama! December 31, 2008
the state of being so fucking ugly, no one looks at you and you break your bathroom mirror every time you look into it
Johnathan's mirror broke while brushing his hair because he is a shit face
by Gobama! December 30, 2008
Someone's balls that are so hard, that being kicked in the area doesn't affect him and he doesn't even feel it.
Maria: "OMG, I just heard John has some balls of steel"

Ashley: "I know! He let me play tennis on them last night."
by Gobama! December 31, 2008
Also called "iTouch"

This piece of amazing shit is everything on an iPhone, but without the phone. Really dumb, but George Bush likes it to watch porn while not being interrupted by a phone ringing.

Dude: I like fapping to porn off of my iPod Touch

Dudette: OMG, WTF. Wouldn't you rather have sex with me and hold my boobs instead of that piece of shit???
by Gobama! December 30, 2008

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