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A dance move where one places their hands together in front of their face,with their fingers closed in a fist as if gripping an object, and slowly pulling their hands appart revealing their grinning face. See Goatse.
"He was going ok with her, then he started doing the Goatse Dance. She knew what it was and got grossed out"
by GoatMaster303 March 27, 2005
The act of going into a public place ( usually a bar )with a bluetooth enabled device, scanning for other bluetooth enabled devices that openly accept transfers, and sending them a copy of the Goatse image. Looking around to find the target after the image has been sent is known as Goatspotting.
"When on a roadtrip, one thing to do is to hit up a cybercafe and go goating"

"Did you see that guy freak out? He totally got goated!"
by GoatMaster303 March 27, 2005
A pesudo-technicial term used in front of people who like to toss around acronyms and pretend to know what they mean. A.A.E. is an acronym for Afro-American Engineering, also known as nigger-rigged.
"Look , as an MCSE, and I think that this project will work, and meet the QOS demands, and have a poistive ROE for the client base."

" I agree. The engineers and I will AAE up a web server that will fit your needs "


"My car broke down, but we were able to apply AAE to it and keep it running until we hit a reapir shop."
by Goatmaster303 March 27, 2005
Looking around for the target of Goating after the act. Usually one person performs the act of Goating and the rest are Goatspotting.
"Why are you guys laughing and looking around all the time?"

" We're Goatspotting "
by Goatmaster303 March 27, 2005

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