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n. A heterosexual.

On 4chan, EVERYONE is a faggot (regardless of sexuality), and a need came up to differentiate between types of faggotry. A homosexual would be a gay fag, and a fan of Japanese cartoons would be an anime fag.
I wanted him to do me up the butt, but it turns out he was a straight fag.
by Goat Slywinkle May 13, 2011
n. Any location in the house, such as the garage or sun-porch, that can substitute for a refrigerator in the winter time. Often used to store Christmas leftovers or beer.

Sometimes this is a Guinea Fridge that is not plugged in due to the extreme Newfoundland winter.
Welcome to the party. Put your beer in the newfie fridge on the back porch.
by Goat Slywinkle February 03, 2010

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