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A small school located in Charlotte, NC with the only people who know about the school are the people who attend it. An underdog school with its fans always having to make up excuses that their school is better in any form than yours.

UNCC students go on tantrums when they are addressed by their ACTUAL name, UNCC. They prefer to be named Charlotte so they aren't confused by the more well known and highly accredited UNC Chapel Hill. Many students want to break away from the UNC system and go by the name of University of Charlotte... which will only make the school go under the college radar even more!

Students who attend UNCC are typically people who chose the school as their "back-up plan", people who don't like to be too far from home, people who have an inflated ego and can't accept the truth.

The students will always claim that they have more school spirit than yours, and that is because they know they are lacking too many features of a real university.

In a nut shell - One step higher than a community college.
(Although some people already mistake it for one!)
UNCC Student: Well MY football team is the 49ers!!

Careless bystander: You mean the one that won't even be around until 2013..?

UNCC Student: Well we got a BRAND NEW Student Union!!

Careless bystander: Oh.. that's cool.. its only taken say.. 60 years?

UNCC Student: Yea.. well.. we BEAT your school in underwater basket weaving the other day!!

Careless bystander: (Sighs in sympathy..)
by GoToARealSchool July 25, 2009

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