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Mother of the Bride
When you are gown shopping for your daughter's wedding, make it clear you are MOB!
by GoDressUp June 10, 2013
Putting the past behind.
Closing a chapter in life can be both difficult and joyous.
by GoDressUp June 10, 2013
Father of the Bride
The FOB speech is one of the most important wedding speeches.
by GoDressUp June 10, 2013
Floral creations given to individuals that they will carry or wear in a wedding. A Mother’s corsage is a good example of a personal flower. Of course a bridal bouquet is definitely a personal flower. And so is this simple Groom’s boutonniere.
When my Personal Flowers arrived, my fiance was right there with the camera to take pre-wedding shots. I laughed, cried and literally danced with joy over them... now showing on FB.
by GoDressUp June 10, 2013
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