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(v.) To give presents to. Mostly of the sparkly, glow-in-the-dark, shiny variety.
---to scuk off(v.): Not only to give presents to a person, but to take them to get a manicure as well.
"Can you scuk me off? I would be ever so pleased."
by Go make me a waffle, bitch! January 07, 2004
Originally a typo of the word "fuck", this word has taken on its own meaning and is official in the Urban Dictionary. Since the word it is derived from has such a vulgar meaning, fcuk has a pleasant meaning. For comical purposes, of course.

1. to fcuk(v.): to hug; to cuddle
2. a fcuk; fcuker(n.): a very huggable person; one who enjoys cuddling with others
3. fcuking(adj.): of the state of being that is related to warm and fuzzy cuddlyness.
1. I'd like to fcuk your mom.
2. Go scuk a fcuk, you fcuker!
3. You are such a fcuking bish!
by Go make me a waffle, bitch! January 07, 2004

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