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A professional hockey team based in San Jose, California - the pride of hockey fans located in the Bay Area. They are part of the Pacific Division within the Western Conference.

While incredibly skilled up front, relatively large on the blue line and more than capable of competing in the NHL, half the team still feels the need to dive all over the ice in most every game they play, varying by the game's degree of importance. Devin Setoguchi and Joe Pavelski are the team's worst offenders in this regard.

While they have tended to dominate the Western Conference in the regular season for the past 5+ years, they succumb to an undeniably consistent tendency to choke in the Playoffs year after year.
420marleaurider420 - "YEAH!!! SAN JOSE SHARKS ARE IN THE WCF AGAIN! WHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sane, logical Sharks fan - "Can't wait to watch them choke again. Wonder how much they won't change the roster this offseason so they can go do it again next year."
by Go Sharks? May 08, 2011

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