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2 definitions by Go Phillies!

A rapper who has no idea what true rap is. Example of his crappiness:

1. He repeats "I got me some bathing apes" and "Hit me up on my Sidekick" a million times.
2. He likes to rap about ejaculating on girls.
3. The title for one of his songs is "Donk."
Bob: I just downloaded a song by Soulja Boy!
Rob: What, on purpose?
by Go Phillies! December 03, 2007
A parody of Crank That, a hit on YouTube made popular by an artist named the Cacaman. He has other hits named NastyCrap (SexyBack) and I Shop At Walmart (Party Like A rockstar).
Crap Dat is way better then Crank Dat.
by Go Phillies! December 06, 2007