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11 definitions by Go Airbus!

The city in southern France that is the headquarters of Boeing's biggest nightmare, Airbus Industrie.
The planes the fly from Toulouse are way better than the ones from Everett and Renton!
by Go Airbus! April 01, 2005
172 88
A slang term in the aviation world for Delta Airlines due to their paintjob looking like a close modification of the Aeroflot scheme!
"Look at that Aeroflot plane landing!" "Sorry Jake, it's actually a Deltaflot!"
by Go Airbus! July 27, 2005
88 77
An medium capacity, short to medium range aircraft that shows the 737 series who's boss!
Ah yes!!!!I get several flights on A320's!!!!!!!!
by Go Airbus! March 13, 2005
109 120
The baby member of the A320 family that is well suited for low density short to medium range routes.
The A318 is so comfortable!
by Go Airbus! April 05, 2005
73 87
A short to medium range aircraft manufactured by the Airbus consortium that is well suited for lower density medium routes. Has a nautical range of @ 3,900 NM and carries on average about 125 pax. A319's are equipped with a choice of CFM Int'l CFM-56 engines or International Aero Engines V2500.
Aah.......the A319 is the plane to be on unlike the Boeing 737 series!
by Go Airbus! April 05, 2005
79 98
The new ultra long range aircraft by the European Airbus consortium that is the superior answer to the A380's outdated competitor....the 747.
I can't wait till I get on a A380!!!!
by Go Airbus! March 28, 2005
128 147
A manufacturing consortium based in Europe who makes high quality passenger aircraft.
let's see the itinerary........ooh several of my flights are on Airbus quality planes!!!!Yes!!!!
by Go Airbus! March 13, 2005
152 174