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Yet another slang term for the penis. This is due to the
similarity in the consistency of semen and yogurt.
Peter North has a fucking awesome yogurt slinger!
by Gnomercy September 15, 2006
A guy who gets more sex in a week than you dream of having
in your entire life.
Vinan gets more play than any dude I know, he's a total
tang bandit!
by Gnomercy September 26, 2006
Panties. This is because panties are often found wrapped
around the ankles during sex.
For blondes, panties are better used as ankle warmers since
they are so rarely found around their waste.
by Gnomercy October 02, 2006
Frequent mispelling of the word Trinket. Originated
from a gamer named Clis. Although an obvious misspelling,
the spelling error is repeated so often the word has stuck.
OMG this new tinklet is coolz!
by Gnomercy September 23, 2006
Slang term for slacking off.
If we're going to pass this class we're gonna have to
stop dick smacking around!
by Gnomercy October 06, 2006
Term used for slapping somebody across the face. The one being slapped is usually a woman and more often than not will see it coming just long enough to develop a frown.
Sally thought it would be ok to sass her husband until she
caught five to the frown.
by Gnomercy September 27, 2006
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