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The term handstyle is simply another word for tag. Hand style is most commonly graffiti jargon. A word used to describe someones signature next to their piece or throwup. A handstyle is simply a signature.
Shit son, that hand style is fucking bunk, i love montana paint.
by Gnars December 30, 2005
The looseness of bowls in which diarrhea is exerted from ones anus at high velocity, at such a rate it is perceived as rock being thrown into a river.
Hey Ralph, earlier I had that worst case of rocks in the river… taco bell just does not agree with me any more.
by Gnars December 29, 2005
Pronunciation - (rack-ugh-shack)

Generally used when one object collides with another object at a high rate of motion. In effect, the object that is in motion rebounds in another direction from impact. Most commonly used in the projects when an individuals skull is being bashed into a solid, ranging from an unyielding steel beam to a colossal concrete structure.
Earlier today at the fried chicken festival jocktravious rackashacked rodrikas head so intensely into the basketball goal she came close to forgetting how delicious red kool-aid is.
by Gnars December 30, 2005

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