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A form of writing whereby some letters in a word are replaced by a numerical likeness or other letters that create an identical or similar sound.

This style of writing was originally in use by hackers who were attempting to bypass word-filtering on mail servers. For instance, they would use the term 'haxorz' to replace 'hackers'. Internet users new to hacking adopted the style in an attempt to emulate those more experienced, and usage became widely spread.

In recent times the method is almost never used to avoid word-filtering software, but rather to satirise script kiddies and 12 year olds, or to abbreviate for faster typing. It's interesting to note that in most cases it takes more time to type in leetspeak (due to the constant swapping between numbers and letters) than it would take to just type the words properly.

When using leetspeak, you should be aware that you are almost definitely coming across as a moron.
Person A: ph34r my 1337 hax0rz ski11z
Person B: What?

Here, Person A appears to be of below average intellect, due to his/her liberal use of leetspeak.
by Gnack June 03, 2007
A manly man who takes the role of official barbecue chef. A highly important individual at any Australian gathering.
Cal is our BBQutioner because he can cook a mean steak while also getting tanked.
by gnack March 09, 2011
Not to be confused with Jumping Jacks, a drinking game in which the player has to take five shots of Jack Daniels and do ten Jumping Jacks in between shots.

Can be played with multiple people as a race
P1: It's my 21st birthday, ass-nose!
P2: Let's go to Skippy's for a good night!
P1: Hell yeah!
(Two hours later)
P2: I'm fucking wrecked after those Jumpy Jacks!
P1: Yeah, my lungs hurt from the Jumpy and my stomach hurts from the Jack.
by GNACK June 24, 2014
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