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female sex organ in Indonesian Hock Kien language.
She has a very big ji bai!
by glyn April 08, 2004
To be so pitifully ill the day after drinking that even basic functions (standing, speaking, walking) cannot be performed or can only be performed whilst vomiting on one's self.

If this state is reached after only a couple of drinks, the party 'throwing a rob' should be considered a 2 pint rob in honour of Rob Scarrott.
"For crying out loud - he only had two pints last night and he's throwing a rob"
by Glyn July 30, 2003
comes from the saying poo. it means that some thing isnt very good. takes the seriousness away.
That film was poomans.
This website isnt poomans - www.rtcrew.co.uk
by Glyn August 12, 2004
They whom perform a task with great gusto.

One who does something "as much as they can"
I'm a beer moiler! - To refer to one drinking as much beer '...as I can!'.
by Glyn August 15, 2003
A male that posseses female genitals and uses them to his advantage
yo dudddddde that shim's a bengitta!!!!
by Glyn February 24, 2005
use for "Nah!" or "No!" or negative
question: can you help me on this?
answer: lan jiau!
by glyn October 26, 2003
Fucked Up Mess. comes from the saying that someone is a mess and a right state.
look at the state of him, what a fum. Also that website is a fum, where as www.rtcrew.co.uk is not
by Glyn September 07, 2004
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