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2 definitions by Gloves

Pronounced cliter'a-te like karate.

One who seeks to be proficient in the art of locating and engaging the female clitoris in stimulation.
Sam: Man, I saw you with those two girls in the corner, but I didn't see your hands at all! What were you doing over there?
Max: Smell that (holds hands up to Max's nose and rubs fingers together). I'll teach you the ways of the cliterate master, but only if you use the power for good.
by Gloves December 25, 2007
Used in reference to the rapid-fire single leg motion usually executed by dogs when rubbed in "that right spot".
Sean: Stop making out with my dog, bro. You know her nubbin is at the base of her tail.
Paul: Dude, she came over to be rubbed. What else am I gonna do?
Sean: Bro, that's a scratchgasm. You just went all the way with my dog. Uggh.
by Gloves December 25, 2007