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An English Team based in London.

1. Have no talent.
2. Win games with luck.
3. Overjoy themselves by beating teams like Arsenal and Liverpool and lose the premierleague at the end.
4. Have a great coach.
5. He is sometimes arrogant but so r other managers
6. Compared to Manchester United they are just a bunch of twats.
7. Supported by blue bastards who think they could rule the world
8. A team that rapes the referee and demand a fucking blow job.
9. And to sum it up they SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Manchester United rules.
Yes Red forever and ever
We rule and u cant stop us
The more u hate us the more we'll stick it up ur ass and prove u wrong
Manchester United-always look on the bright side of life-sheer class.
by Glory Glory Man United February 16, 2005

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