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The act of choosing which corpse to perform the sex act on after a major catastrophe.
Geez, after that plane crash, i was forced to wade through the risky picks.
by Glorious Praisers September 04, 2008
The scientific phenomena of a highly effeminate man or manlike being metamorphing into a soccermom/girls soccer coach with his penis spontaneously changing into a whistle.
O dude! Did you hear that Steve got so into coaching those 3rd grade girls soccer team that he actually ended up as a Squella for gods sake!!
by Glorious Praisers September 13, 2008
Slang term for a miniscule penis. Popularized by Andy, certainly an owner of such and apendage
Dude, I knew Sally left you because of your polish pride, but Jesus, that thing is small!
by Glorious Praisers September 04, 2008
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