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Consolidation Area for Relocated Yankees.

Located just south/southwest of Raleigh, NC.
Not sure why, but Cary seems to have an awful lot of uptight yankees there.
by Gloria Butterworth May 21, 2006
Obscure anti-fraternity that originated at UNC-Wilmington about 1986. Characterized by some amazing parties but culminating with the 1988 Twinwood bash with >1500 people in attendance. After that, the whole thing sorta vanished.

Letters were a Phi, an F and an upside down Omega.
Sammer was the original Phi Fucka You brutha!

Wilmywood in da hizzouse.
by Gloria Butterworth May 08, 2006
That goofy fist-to-fist contact that guys do instead of shaking hands. Often seen done by the 909 'bro crowd.
Bob put his hand out to shake, but Chris put his fist out thinking that Bob intended to knock rocks.
by Gloria Butterworth May 11, 2007
Quasi-pro political 'blog' website that presents left-center prespective without the shrill narrative of the loonies.

Has a sister website called 'TPMmuckraker' that consistently seems to scoop a lot of the juciest political gossip.
I tried to read Daily Kos, but was totally turned off by how totally out-there all the writers are. Later, I found Talking Points Memo and felt a lot more at ease and realized that I'd finally found a source of information that isn't controlled by the government and isn't run by UFO-chasers. Finally!
by Gloria Butterworth October 23, 2006

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