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It is when one wipe their ass for any number of reason...
after they go to the bathroom and have completed their normal routine in the bathroom. they go on about their day. only to return to the bathroom later on to wipe because they don't feel clean or they just wanted to.
Sometimes you need a courtesy wipe when you get swamp ass to get rid of the sweaty butt crack.
A courtesy wipe can be needed when one has a nasty fart, this is to check for a possible shart.
One can also wipe their ass any time during the day and this can be consider a courtesy wipe.
a persons inter thoughts: {Oh man, that is not feeling right better give myself a courtesy wipe.}

I am sweating like crazy i need a courtesy wipe.

Friend A: Oh dude you shit your pants at least give yourself a courtesy wipe cause that that fart sound way to gross. it had to of been a shart.
Friend B: it was not that bad, i guess i will it is a courtesy to do so.

I need a good wiping oh yes a courtesy wipe oh much better feeling nice and clean.
by glockman1727AK47 March 04, 2009
Wipe once nothing there, twice nothing. You’re starting to lose all hope in your ability to wipe yourself. Again you go in for a third wipe. And you see nothing there you begin to panic and wipe a fourth time nothing there. This is what is known as the phantom wipe. Any time you go to the bathroom and wipe yourself you check the toilet paper. If you don’t you should to make sure your getting all the … (well you know, crap). If you check and there is nothing there the first though the fourth time you just had a Phantom wipe. Or you do not know how to wipe yourself if this happens every time you go to the bathroom.
(Friend 1 has just come out of the bathroom) Friend 1: Hey dude I just had a Phantom wipe.
Friend 2: no way, those are so scary when you have the Phantom wipe.
by Glockman1727AK47 January 19, 2008
Big Time Bull Shit, something that is so much more than bull shit that it is big time.
They took out $200 of $800 check, that is BTBS
by glockman1727AK47 January 13, 2009
Older version of a Urban Cougar in her age or 50 up to 70.
Oh my, that urban lion is after me. she so nasty her boobs are on there fourth breast lift.
by Glockman1727AK47 December 04, 2007
One who Shits the size of a bread basket every time he goes poo. You can be in the breadbasketor club when you shit at least once the size of a bread basket. the term shitting a bread basket comes from the movie "Envy" staring Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Christopher Walken. (great Movie by the way) Ben stiller Charterer says it about Jack Black's characters horse.

Friend 1: Hey dude I am in the club?
Friend 2: huh
Friend 1: I am now in the Breadbasketor club.
Friend 2: so what, I been in the club a long time, I am almost a Breadbasketor.
by glockman1727AK47 March 04, 2009
Frontwards bottom. Many Fat old people try to hide there pot belly in their pants by pulling the pants up over the belly. Thus making a Frottom. Also know as Front butt
Guy1:Oh my look at that morbidly obese lady, what a frottom.
Guy2: that is so nasty the frottom is making a huge camel toe
by glockman1727AK47 January 20, 2009
"I Got Shit GOING ON" said to people when asked if you can do this or that. Next time when your busy just say IGSGO
Hey can you mow the lawn. No IGSGO
by Glockman1727AK47 March 04, 2008
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