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The Australian, more specifically western suburbs of Victoria, expression of disappointment.
"I couldn't get tickets for that concert - shattered!"
by Glittercake July 30, 2008
Is short for the word 'though' and is usually used to place more emphasis and/or importance on a certain statement, usually one that's more important to the person using the word and that is generally something less interesting than the original statement. It's also used by people who don't realize that the word "though" doesn't make anything you say any more important than the prior statement. Often followed by 'dat'. Is usually used by less intelligent people that have a smaller vocabulary who want to denote the importance of something but can't find the right words to make their statement valid and mostly black people. Virtually the same thing as doe, just spelled differently.
Person A: Wow did you see that magic trick? The magician made all of the cards disappear by just flipping them all over!
Person B: Dat white glove tho... *Looks smug as if they've made a point worth recognizing*
Person A: I hope you don't feel smart by saying that, because you're looking real stupid right now.
by GlitterCake March 01, 2015
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