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Smoking a bong through your dickhole. (The smoke comes out your ass, if you're experienced.)
Yulning hurts worse than Lars's Mom, but it's the only way I can get my fix.
by Glime Masta July 16, 2003
A failed ejactulation-esp. air shooting out of the head of the penis instead of sperm.
My bitch left me because all I could do was phlooge after the third round.
by Glime Masta July 16, 2003
A truckload full of dead chinese cocks and clits with a maggoty outer layer.
Hey! Stop that Mexican! He's trying to sneak a Phlug haul past us!
by Glime Masta July 16, 2003
Covering your crabs with gonorrhea ooze, sticking them up a corpse's ass, pulling them out, putting them back in the dead woman's pussy, licking them up, vomiting them out, and having a sex slave eat them and chew them up and spit them back into your mouth, i.e. the most disgusting act humanly imaginable.
Klurg is so fucking vile I can not even think of an example to express my disgust.
by Glime Masta July 16, 2003
Pussy fluid so sticky that it can be used as a powerful glue.
I couldn't pull out of the bitch because I was stuck in all her glack.
by Glime Masta July 16, 2003
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