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If a person wants to know if someone's pubic hair is the same color (or in some cases, same style) as the hair on their head, they might ask "Do the drapes match the carpet?" The drapes are hair; carpet is pubic hair. This is akin to asking "Is she a true blond?" Someone's obviously dyed hair might prompt this speculation: "I'll bet the drapes don't match the carpet."
Lisa has a shaved head. I wonder if the drapes match the carpet?

Didn't she used to be a brunette and now she's a blond? I'll bet the drapes don't match the carpet.
by Glenwood October 01, 2006
In business, this is a product, remote office, employee, etc., who doesn't get respect. The moniker stems from the popular slang phrase "beat you like a red-headed stepchild." Often times, the disrespect is undeserved.

If a product is an embarrassment to a company, it is the company's red-headed stepchild.
The satellite office was outperforming the head office statistically, but because it created work for people in the head office, it was treated like a red-headed stepchild.

Because the Edsel didn't sell well, it became Ford's red-headed stepchild.
by Glenwood October 01, 2006
To make a bastard doesn't necessarily have to refer to people. Giving a legitimate word a new meaning could be bastardising the word. Basically, it's butchering the English language. See orphaned. If you have an idea, and someone takes the idea, changes it around and gives it new meaning, that's bastardising. If you design a newsletter, for instance, and someone else takes over and keeps part of your design but applies elements that don't match up with yours, that's bastardising. You get the drift.
Henry, how do you like the newsletter now that Sue's been doing it for a year?

I'd like it better if she hadn't bastardised my design.

Well, how do you like urbandictionary.com?

Half the people putting stuff up there just bastardise the language.

by Glenwood September 30, 2006

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