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Refers to a woman who is such a slut she would fuck two guys who are best friends and cause them to fight all so she can gain a greater satisfaction.

Anna was such a Helen of Troy the way she fucked both brothers them watched as they fought over here.
by Glenn Griffiths August 13, 2006
Licking out a woman on her period. It refers to the motion of the tongue.
Matt went down on Debbie and gave her a Crimson Swirl
by Glenn Griffiths August 24, 2006
(1) Refers to a woman who has fucked so much, her hole could fit a train in it.

(2) Can also refer to a guy who has had multiple dicks in him
"Can you believe Tracy the other night at that party, she had like 10 guys"
"She is such a tunnel"

Anabal Chong is such a tunnel
by Glenn Griffiths August 16, 2006
One who partakes in the worship of pagan ancient goddess.
From Greek, Roman,Egyptian,Norse, Celtic etc.
Aly loved to woship Bast, the Egyptian Cat Goddess, she loved her goddess worship, espeically the festival where she got to expose herself.
by Glenn Griffiths August 29, 2006
A church in Australia that has sold out to the left and Satan.
The Uniting Church supports abortion, gay marriages, euthaniasia, anti war to the point of extremism and disregards the truths of the bible.
The Uniting Church is such a hole these days, does its members even read their bibles.
by Glenn Griffiths August 07, 2006
a girl or guy who doesnt beleive in God but when she has sex with multiply partners screams out God's name.
Becca was a hard core atheist slut every night when her lovers banged her she could be heard callng out god's name
by Glenn Griffiths August 29, 2006
When you suck the dick of an asian guy, until he enjaculates in your mouth.
You than spit it into his arse and lick him out
"David loved giving his Thai boyfriend a rice pudding, he knew his boyfriend loved it""

"Let's go to the Star, pick up an asian and give him a rice pudding"
by Glenn Griffiths August 25, 2006
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