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As distinguished from the more common "pimp slap", a bitch slap is preceeded by ample forewarning and delivered with a flourish or exaggerated post-blow hip movements. Nonetheless, the blow is firm and may involve an open forhand or backhand.

A "pimp slap", to the contrary, is regularly delivered without announcement and oftentimes over breakfast at an IHOP, on a subway platform, or numerous other indiscriminately chosen venues. The blow is always, always struck with the back of ones hand as to do otherwise is bad form. And the hip motion that accompanies a pimp slap provides the torque to knock a bitch silly.
Those guys on Christopher Street like to play around bitch slapping each other and running and shit, but I didn't know what a proper pimp slap was until Charlie the bus driver knocked his old lady silly at a Starbucks the other day. Apparently Charlie told the misses not to use bleach on his draws as the bleach makes him itch. All I know was that Charlie was scratchin his nuts real hard before he set that latte down, planted his feet, twisted his body and, with his knuckles initially scraping the floor, uncorked the definition of a modern day pimp slap. Old girl was out for a good five minutes.
by Glenn November 19, 2004
A close friend.

Originally used among transplanted African-Americans with Southern roots to refer to and aid in the assimilation of someone who might have directly migrated from a common Southern home town or is otherwise well known to the person using the term.

Used to establish a mutual relationship between the invidividual using the term, the person described by it, and a third person.
That's my homeboy Carl.
by Glenn November 18, 2004
oh my gosh's variant. used to excite one another. this is used constantly by those who make fun of people that say omg and lol.
zomg u teh very cool lolz!1111oneoneoe
by glenn November 30, 2004
Noun; the type of guy who wears Abercrombie clothing, extremely trendy, and will not stop until everyone knows it. Also thinks he is better than anyone else. Usually a guy in a fraternity. Abbreviated: AAss.
Look at that Abercrombie Asshole with his stupid scarf.
by Glenn October 28, 2004
A small town south of Boston in Massachusetts. It is often refered to as "The Broke." It is well known for absolutely nothing, it's town green, little league baseball, and poop smearing on the high school walls
I wish I didn't live in Pembroke
by Glenn November 08, 2004
A man of many talents, also known as a real hero, this person is really good looking and is a big shot who calls all the shots in town.
wow falconi your so hot i want your babies
by Glenn February 01, 2005
Pussywhipped housebitch. One who lets his wife control his every move. Has been known to have a GPS shoved up his ass so she can track him. Scared to death! Most common words spoken by him are "yes dear"
Joe can't go out with us for a beer tonight, he's being a Cumes.That guy is such a Cumes, he has to call and check in with her every 45 minutes, and can't be away from home for more than 2 hours at a time.
by Glenn November 05, 2004

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