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An English soccer fan that does the following: drinks large amounts of beer, gets in fights with other fans, and in general is completely out of control. They are often arrested, beated by police in riot gear, sprayed with pepper spray, set cars on fire, and sometimes get sprayed with water canons.
When they won the game, the island monkeys started setting cars on fire in the parking lot and had be sprayed with water canons by the police.
by Glenden June 13, 2010
A Nebraska sports fan that is obsessed with either University of Nebraska sports or the College Baseball World Series. They often take being a Husker fan to the extreame by wearing corn hats and constantly talking about why Nebraska is better then other teams. They are frequently in denial about the state of Nebraska's football team. They may also adopt a random team for the College Baseball World Series in Omaha. They feel that Texans are an inferior race and that the Big 12 should be abolished.
Two corn monkeys sat behind me at last nights football game and talked the entire time about how Nebraska doesn't get enough respect in the Big 12.
by Glenden June 13, 2010
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