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2 definitions by GlenTheMan

Verb- A sexual term. This move is used when the "shocker" (2 in the pink 1 in the stink) and the "spocker" (2 in the pink 2 in the stink) just dont cut it. To perform such a move, one must clench both hands into fists and place one in the pink and one in the stink of a female and thrust to the beat of the song "Eye of the Tiger". An optional enhancement is to scream "ADRIAN!!!" while thrusting to evoke an orgasm.
Ed: "hey man ive tried everything with my girl but it just doesnt seem to work anymore...i think shes gotten too used to all of my moves...what should i do?"

Joe: "have you tried the Rocky Balboa? I did it to patty and she had to wear a diaper for a month. She still begged for it that whole month cause it was that good."

Ed: "sounds painful..."

Joe: "thats what she said. then she tried it. no going back."
by GlenTheMan August 25, 2009
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Verb- A sexual term. The move is performed by standing up in the middle of Citizens Bank Park while holding a girl upside down. Whilst upside down, said girl will be slobbing your knob with her legs wide open at you face. Next, you must get your best friend to hit a pop fly ball into the outfield where you are standing and you must catch the ball in the girls vagina. If you are wearing a Shane Victorino shirt or jersey during this action, you are the man.
John: "dammit man, my girl says shes gonna dump me if i dont stop playin baseball...its crazy..."

Joe: "have you tried The Flying Hawaiian on her?"

John: "no..."

Joe: "she doesnt like baseball yet....but she will...trust me"
by GlenTheMan August 25, 2009
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