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A half chinese, half ogre mutant. Has jagged-yellow-rat-buck teeth, zelda-like ears, a receeding hairline and penny slit eyes. enjoys screaming "YAGUAA" in completely appropriate and unfunny times. Annoys people until they want to bash his gook brains in with a baseball bat. screams in the faces's of harmless children trying to be funny ( even though it is not at all ). Drops his jaw and squints his already tiny eye slits and talks out of the side of his mouth, trying to sound cool and tough, which he never is or will be. Sports a mushroom/mullet which is never cleaned.
Tyler is a Disguisting Gogre.
by Glen Henderson April 04, 2008
A gogre, with a nausiating birth mark resembling a coffee stain on its back/neck. chink because a gogre is asian, and chino as in cappucino. = chinkachino
Tyler is a disguisting chinkachino.
by Glen Henderson April 12, 2008
An absolutely retarted, unecessary question. Always annoying. Usually said by a Gogre or Chinkachino.
Tyler: ( jaw to side, talking out of side of his mouth ) Guys Guys Guys Guys Guys Guys wat are we doin tonight wat do you wanna do
Everyone: Shut the fuck up tyler, what kind of a dumb gogre question is that?
by Glen Henderson April 12, 2008
When someone wears a shirt where the neckhole on one or both sides is extended way past a normal level. Can hang over the shoulder making the person look like a complete idiot. Looks a lot like a toga. Gogres almost always have tyler neckholes in their shirts.
Trashbags wear shirts with Tyler Neckholes
by Glen Henderson April 21, 2008

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