26 definitions by Glen

giving a stank pussey some head oral
The bitch I was with last night made me eat her tuna sandwhich before she'd fuck
by glen March 07, 2005
vanessa mcgee is very cretinous
hi cretinous gflkwegjklefjglkefjgkletfjhklgjhlgklj
by glen January 27, 2005
the white stuff
stu likes to drink it on a friday night when hes out with the
by Glen October 17, 2003
a very sexy redheaded man
Omg that man is such a firecrotch
by glen March 17, 2003
Dishwashing Soap and Tape Backup Software. (i.e. Get a clean Backup or Clean your backup tapes)

Originally expressed as Palmolive et Veritas, however, Madge (the Palmolive saleswoman) was mostly too hands on and Lux was therefore considered more generic.
"There are parity errors on our backup tapes. Tell operations 'lux et veritas'!
by Glen March 05, 2004

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