26 definitions by Glen

the chough one gets after taking a really big bong hit
becky got the rosedale flu this morning
by glen April 05, 2004
is used to show extreme delight
Fukin rites....this sex is awesome
by glen January 27, 2005
Combination of productive and wonderful
The business proposal has proven to be quite productful
by Glen April 28, 2004
when the queen or princess uses a douche
princess die needs her royal flush
by glen April 06, 2004
got to run
dude my moms bitching i gtr
by glen March 09, 2004
a jelly sandwhich is a term used to define both a pointless spreading of gelatinous goo over bread or to eat out a chick while she's on her period
WTF dude, u ate my jelly sandwhich!

That chick tried to lemme have a jelly sandwhich the stupid whore.
by glen March 07, 2005
a person who is in touch with nature. Lives in tune with mother, earth father sun, son rain, daughter wind.
Generally has dreadlocks but not manditory, same with an unwashed appearence, comfortable with their body's & its functions & earthy coloured cloths or being naked.
Quite often proficient at juggling, fire twirling, hacky sack.
I love going to festivals there's so many sexy feral girls.
by Glen February 01, 2005

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