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26 definitions by Glen

Developed at the Naked Turtle while bartending.


A girl wearing jeans two sizes small, thus fitting the most amount of mass into the smallest possible volume.

Remember the formula for density:

Yo! That girl is pushin maximum desnity in those jeans.
by Glen February 09, 2005
11 1
Spanking the monkey, beating off, wacking off, masterbation
I got caught walking the dog last night.
by Glen January 09, 2004
60 52
pissed as a fucking newt..
falling down drunk
(you get the idea)

British/Canadian slang
I was paafn on My Flight home yesterday
by Glen January 19, 2005
7 3
the coolest guy in the world . the ladies man
hey look the glowen is in town
by glen August 06, 2003
8 5
The act of rumpton, bolting one in the opposite sex.

Fancy rumpton sweetness
by glen January 21, 2004
0 0
Lannox make technical appliances that workm rather quite good! Being a rip off brand off Rowa which is also a good brand which is a rip off Teac!
When Glen bought a Rowa imitation flat screen digital tv (or so he reckoned) it came with a free lannox dvd player that broke within 2 weeks!
by Glen November 03, 2003
0 0
refers 2 to the vulture like behaviour of fat chicks/blokes, as a description of how they will eat anything until it's completely gone, as in down to the bone,
look at that skeleton naugher it's been a long time since he/she was hungry or left anything on their plate
by Glen February 06, 2005
1 2