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Developed at the Naked Turtle while bartending.


A girl wearing jeans two sizes small, thus fitting the most amount of mass into the smallest possible volume.

Remember the formula for density:

Yo! That girl is pushin maximum desnity in those jeans.
by Glen February 09, 2005
Spanking the monkey, beating off, wacking off, masterbation
I got caught walking the dog last night.
by Glen January 09, 2004
the coolest guy in the world . the ladies man
hey look the glowen is in town
by glen August 06, 2003
pissed as a fucking newt..
falling down drunk
(you get the idea)

British/Canadian slang
I was paafn on My Flight home yesterday
by Glen January 19, 2005
The act of rumpton, bolting one in the opposite sex.

Fancy rumpton sweetness
by glen January 21, 2004
Lannox make technical appliances that workm rather quite good! Being a rip off brand off Rowa which is also a good brand which is a rip off Teac!
When Glen bought a Rowa imitation flat screen digital tv (or so he reckoned) it came with a free lannox dvd player that broke within 2 weeks!
by Glen November 03, 2003
refers 2 to the vulture like behaviour of fat chicks/blokes, as a description of how they will eat anything until it's completely gone, as in down to the bone,
look at that skeleton naugher it's been a long time since he/she was hungry or left anything on their plate
by Glen February 06, 2005

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