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News made by Republican retards for Republican retards. I'm Republican, and I hate liberal bitches as much as anyone but this is absurd and it's NOT news. News is supposed to be objective NOT fair and balanced. Even if it was supposed to be fair an balanced Fox News couldn't even live up to it's own motto because although other news networks are obviously liberal they conceal their opinions as good reporters should. Fox News is blatantly conservative and rather than keep it on the down low they boast it.
It's ironic that you would call CNN the Communist News Network because Fox News only shows the news that is good for Republicans ie good for the counrty. China does the same thing with all their stations. Fox News is truly for COMMIES. If you were a REAL AMERICAN who believed in FREEDOM of speech you wouldn't subject yourself to such censorship. IF YOU LOVE COMMIES SO MUCH FUCKING MOVE TO CHINA AND TAKE FOX NEWS WITH YOU!
by GladKerryLost November 04, 2004

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