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A 600 cc sport bike made by yamaha. It is widely known that the R6 is owned by the GSX-R 600.
Person 1 (aka fucking loser) : Hey bro, im thinking about getting a Yamaha YZF-R6.

Person 2 (aka fucking super pimp) : What the fuck, why? Everyone knows that gixxers (points to his GSX-R 600) eat R6's.

Person 3 (aka Super Sexy Chick) : Oh my god, you ride a gixxer? I wanna have your baby.

Person 1 (No longer a loser) : Man, you saved me from making a huge mistake, ima get a gixxer, thanks bro.
#yamaha #r6 #yzf-r6 #gixxer food #owned by gixxer
by Gixxer Boy November 05, 2007
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