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A person wrapped in a blanket on a couch. The blanket can be rolled around the body in the manner of a tortilla.
There is a large couch burrito in my living room, snoring
by giselle January 21, 2011
the best concert of the year
there's tons of weed and action
by Giselle May 27, 2004
to be pinched between the index and middle finger of another.
Mike likes to pince Giselle to tickle her.
by Giselle January 31, 2005
Crazy bitch syndrome A cruel way to describe someone suffering from borderline personality disorder.
My co-worker Catherine had CBS, which is why she was fired.
by giselle July 21, 2004
Someone who is taken prisoner against their will. Sometimes I contemplate taking Aleks, but he would like it and then he wouldn't be a hostage.
Joe has just informed me that he has taken my pencil hostage. I miss my pencil. I knew he stole it. but I didn't expect him to go this far!! AAHHH he's threatening to break it! NOOOOOOO!!!!
by Giselle June 17, 2004
1. ACC Football Champions 12 weeks into the ACC
2. All that is superior to the Cavalier
or "wahoo"
It took the hokies only 12 weeks to win the ACC championship where as the wahoos have yet to win it in over 50 years.
by Giselle February 08, 2005

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