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The face a girl makes when she is forced to swallow your cum and gurgle with it.
Rod: "dude, you remember that bitch I brought home last night?"

Chuck: "yea, what about her?"

Rod: "dude I totally turned her into a gurgoyle".
by Girth boy January 14, 2009
A man with a penis so big that you can mistake it with the following... (football, gatorade bottle, meat loaf, baby's arm)
claudia: "I was fuckin this guy the other day and his dick was so big my baby just walked out... he sounded like Arnold Shewarzenegger and he was screaming IM GIRTH BOY!!" Exs 2. " cleadis: "I fucked this girl so hard the other day that after I got done fucking her I threw a football at her pussy and her pussy caught it like Randy Moss."
by Girth boy December 26, 2008

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