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The best person ever, Clement is kind, loving, caring. He'll show you what it's like to be treated like a princess. If Clement has feelings for you, you'll be treated like his number 1 priority, he'll love you like no other and he'll prove to you that not all guys are the same.

He's wise, Clement will teach you valuable things in life.

Clement is crazy, but the good type of crazy. His madness will only draw people towards him.
When he smiles, it's the most beautiful thing in the universe, it's all people can see.
Clement is humble, he's generous, he's very attractive.

Clement is the cutest being you'll ever see or meet. You're very, very lucky if you meet him, and if you're a part of his life. Clement doesn't fall in love easily, but if he falls in love with you, you're someone really special.

Clement keeps his promises, and never fails to let you down.

He'll make you laugh and smile day and night.
Oh man... I love Clement.
by Girlygirl9 October 16, 2011

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