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An Awesome place to live in! But it really depends on which area you live in. The downtown is nice. Where people could just walk down and show and sho off their outfits for the whole city to see. I don't live in Saskatoon anymore but I used to. I've lived there for most of my life already. So I always make an effort to go there whenever I get the chance. Saskatoon is definitely NOT a boring place compare to the town I live in right now.

Tourists should visit Saskatoon to see what a wonderful place it really is! It has a very nice river which is really nice in the summer time!

....There are also some very nice, attractive girls in Saskatoon, guys. About the guys, girls, I don't really know so I can't say. But there would be some attractive guys over there perhaps too.
I went shopping in Saskatoon with my mom and we had a pretty good time together!
by GirlieGirl February 22, 2006

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