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I don't really know. sorry.
But just say his name randomly for no reason :
"Blue Peter!"
"Peter Andre!"
"Peter Stringfello!"
"Petey Pablo!"
by GirlSkater February 23, 2004
Some fucking nasty vegetarian pussy shit.
pussy vegetarian-"hey, you want some quarn?"
Non pussy vegetarian-"no way dude that shit sucks."
by GirlSkater February 22, 2004
A film about a man who had his hands chopped off and the made new ones out of scissors.
He's like the nice version of Freddy Krueger played by johnny depp but both his hands are different than most peoples if you get what i mean.
The Girl-"Edward! FINGER ME! NOW!"
The Girl-"NOW DAMN IT!"
The Girl-" OWWWWW! My fadge is bleeding out from in!"
Edward-"I told you"
by GirlSkater February 23, 2004
A random word which you use to say when something sucks ass.
Burger-"I got 99.9 Percent on My maths test!"
Me-"I got, uuuuuh, 34 Percent"
Burger-"You dumbass."
Me-"Gay Bar!"
*Slight whack from Lisa*
Me-"OWWWWW, What did you do that for Bitch?"
by GirlSkater March 08, 2004

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