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A mix of orintal/american peoplr getting off in the weirdist way see i'm the plumber.
oriental porn sucks
by GirlSkater February 22, 2004
when your nipples go in. like Henri Clements's.
it's so sick.
Dude look at your nipples, you got a nipple-in!ha ha.
by GirlSkater February 21, 2004
What you get called when you shit, pissed or cum in your pants.
"Ha ha haa, dude, your Sponge bob stained pants!"
by GirlSkater February 23, 2004
a sentence used by oriental/american porn stars to get it off with the oriental/american girl in the appartment block.
Porn star plumber-"i'm the plumber"
Girl-"Ooooh, FUCK ME NOW!"
By this time the plumber is rubbing hot sauce all over the girls leg so she is getting off on it.Cool.
by GirlSkater February 21, 2004
When nothing makes sense and you're rolling around on the floor screaming:
Henri got drunk on wine gums.
by GirlSkater February 01, 2004
A-ha Gay Bar!
I don't fancy will!
by GirlSkater March 22, 2004
A really big shark that swims in the sea somewhere in America.
If you see him, you are Fucked.
If he is that big though he must be hung. (He's got a big dick dumbass)
I shit my pants whenever i go swimming.
by GirlSkater January 31, 2004

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