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the woman (usually) i the middle of a spit roast or a sandwich.
I'm usually the sandwich filling when having a gang bang. It's fun!
by GirlSkater April 09, 2004
A disease where do not have "energy" to come into school or work.
VERY contagious.
"Where's burger today?"
"She's got scivalitus."
by GirlSkater April 01, 2004
A really weird word used by the drugged up Leanne Q.
Whilst eating "scabafied beef".
"This beef looks really scabafied. Ooooh that's my new word now."
by GirlSkater March 19, 2004
A Fanny
Dick door
fuck hole number 1
the gateway to hell (in some cases)
Peter-"Aparently according to lisle, sadie has mouldy cheese sandwich fadge flaps."
by GirlSkater February 23, 2004
Mr brigdon.
He looks a little like a suspicious goat.
"Briggers, milking time!"
by GirlSkater February 12, 2004
The greatest skate trick Ever!
While holding an indy, spin around with your skateboard 2 and a half times.
GirlSkater-Hey, your the guy who did The 900!
Tony Hawk-Yup!Thats me.
by GirlSkater January 18, 2004
A cool song by Blink 182 about the world.
They Rock!
Yo dude, have you heard blinks new song Anthem part II?
by GirlSkater January 17, 2004

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