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An all male college in South West Virginia where uniforms are required. Shaggy hair, rainbow sandals, Hampden-Sydney ribbon belt (with the school crest), and a pastel color collared shirt or polo (popping the collar is an added option to the uniform). Many men keep their rifles at school with them. The school is the society boys of the South East they have WASP heritage though they tend to also hold strong southern values. (Note the confederate flag found in most dorm rooms). The boys vary in intellectual abilities, but frequently have large bank accounts, high-class cars, and know which silverware to use. They stick their noses up in the air but not because they are snobs... and when you see the head go back and the sniffles begin you know they're prepared for a weekend of no sleep. The men frequent courses such as Wine Tasting. Hampden-Sydney is its own isolated world where alcohol consumption by minors is basically encouraged by police. The men spend Monday-Wednesday concentrating on their studies and Thursday-Sunday having sex and drinking.
Officer: Excuse me son, Is that beer in your left hand opened? And what is in the cup in your right hand?

Student: Well sir, the beer is un-opened, and the cup contains a brown liquid that looks quite similar to Coca-Cola... I assume that is what it is.

Officer: Well son, you are standing on the road, so why don't you step up five feet to the grass and I suggest you chug that beer and enjoy your coca-cola looking beverage.
by GirlSchool September 29, 2004

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